2 Pcs Children ‘s Balls Kindergarten Sand Bags Toys Beads Cotton Outdoor Games

Published on May 11, 2018

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Ships From Hong Kong. This sandbag Surrounded by suture fixation, does not distort when you wash. Can be washed and thrown several meters away, do not worry about hitting the children, the product is absolutely safe. It can improve children’s reaction and enhance their physical force. Wisest choice For mother and kindergarten. Foam ball sport pack designed for your growing sports fanatic.Size: 10 X 8 cm (3.93 *3.15 inch). The length of the rope: 65 cm(25.59 inch).
Material: the outer layer is exquisite fabrics, the inner layer are the environmentally friendly particles.
Material safety, health and environmental protection, lightweight and easy to handle.
Handmade cloth ball kindergarten sandbags toys Suitable for all ages, everyone can participate in and carry out a variety of fun games.
Develop a number of basic children’s capabilities, increase flexibility, enhance physical fitness, and promote the feelings between parents and children.