Excavators Videos For Children Real Excavator and Bruder Toy Excavator dump truck trucks for kids

Published on November 27, 2017

Excavators Videos For Children Real Excavator and Bruder Toy Excavator dump truck

Hello my friends. Welcome to toy with toys channel. Let’s watch this real life excavator at work. This pond needs to have a good clean up to remove the over grown grass. The excavator is best for this job. This excavator has a sharp teeth that can gobble up grass and remove them.

Another name for excavator is backhoe. This is a mini excavator because it is less than ten thousand pounds. This excavator does not have wheels. This excavator is on a steel track. The grapple with its sharp claw is attached to this excavator to help it grab onto things like grass.

Good job excavator! Thank you for cleaning up the pond. The fish in the pond will love it and appreciate your hard work. I just showed you a real life excavator, now you can play with my toy excavator. My toy excavator is yellow and it has a bucket attached to it.
Thank you in Spanish is gracias, in Vietnamese is Cam On, in French is merci, in Arabic is shukraan, in Chinese is Xièxiè, and in Japanese is Arigatōgozaimashita

I am the operator of this toy excavator. I am wearing a construction head to protect my head which is the most important part of my body because it allows me to think, to imaginate, and to play. Do you think the head is the most important part of your body?

My brother is going to drive a fire truck and comes along with me in case my excavator caught on fire. I am going to move a piece of rock to the construction site. Do you think I can do it? Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I can shift gears to make the excavator go forward or backward. I can turn the wheel to make the excavator go left or right. I wonder what I can do to make this excavator fly like an airplane? Do you think that is even possible? Do you think cars can fly? Do you think excavators can fly?

Look! I got a rock in my excavator bucket. I did it! Thank you for playing with me, my brother, and my excavator.

Be active, play outside and don’t watch too much TV. Thank you and good bye, ciao, adios, Arigatō
#ConstructionToys are fun especially #ExcavatorToys
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