Glute Activation Exercises (Back Pain, Posture, Strength, Mobility)

Published on December 17, 2017

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0:00 – 2:09
Introduction and structure of video – what video will be about

2:09 – 11:20
Structural vs. functional leg length inequality

shoe lift
strength camp
back pain and mobility/strength
increasing strength and vertical jumps with a leg lift
back pain
showing you what a lift looks like

11:20 – 14:35
Minimalist Shoe: Vibrams
Sitting is Cancer
Book Title: Deskbound (by Dr. Kelly Starrett)
Foam Rolling
Removing shoe lift after 2 years
Me going to my gym (equinox) + working out there
What your butt should be used for

14:00 – end of video
Sling shot exercises for butt isolation
Demonstration of warmup for glute activation: lateral walks + sit-down unilateral single leg deadlifts
How to properly do a pushup
Kettlebell shoulder press

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