Why I stopped stretching for lower back pain relief: 2018

Published on October 31, 2018

Why I stopped stretching for back pain relief. I get asked A LOT about what the best stretch is for beating lower back tightness. I don’t like answering it because its always the same thing. Stretching may not be what your lower back needs. Stretching typically only produces short term relief. This is usully because most people are stretching the SENSATION of being tight and not actual tight muscles.

There is a difference.

In todays video I share with you the main reasons why I stopped stretching for my own lower back pain relief and why i made this decision.

I’ll will say this. There is a time and a place for working on tissues to bring relief. In some cases stretching or tissue work on muscles can promote change BUT if you have been stretching and nothing seems to be happening I would stop and look somewhere else for a strategy.

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