Wooden Mushrooms – Colors and Sizes Set – Natural Educational Toy

Published on October 7, 2017

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Try this handmade developmental toy to teach your children counting, naming, recognizing and distinguishing colors and shapes, and to improve their coordination and motor skills.
The preschool learning set of wooden mushrooms has different pictures on each cap.
There are ladybugs, leaves, and flowers on the mushroom caps. The wooden toys-mushrooms can be sorted by size, color or by the picture on a cap.
The wooden folk sorting game consists of one lawn and nine mushrooms. The wooden lawn is square. The length of it is about 5 inches, the width is the same.
The height of the mushrooms is approximately 1 ⅖ – 2 inches.
Wooden handmade mushrooms should be put on the wooden pins which are about ⅗ inches of height and about ⅓ inches in diameter.
Comes in a canvas sack.